Available Roles:

Senior Developer

About the role

Hashbang is hiring a Ruby on Rails developer to help us take Tahua our grants management product, to the next level.

We have an established product with a huge vision to make it even better. This means we need another Ruby on Rails developer to join the ranks and help us make it happen. While we have an established list of customers, we are early on in our journey. This means we have a nice balance between being pragmatic in building things for the real customer demand and dreaming up solutions for the future.

The majority of your time in this role will be spent developing in a Ruby on Rails environment. A lot of your contributions will go towards improving our core engine, with some of your time going to specific application development.

As we are a small team you will also be able to work with our front-end stack: Javascript, Sass & HAML. If you like working closer to the metal, there will be some opportunity to improve our DevOps pipeline and tooling to help us work more efficiently as a team.

You will be able to work from anywhere within New Zealand and consideration will be made for global positions as well.

Remuneration will be based on market rates and your level of seniority.

About you

Ideally, you will have at least 2-3 years experience in the software industry and are interested in working with medium to large Ruby on Rails systems, with a particular focus on writing reusable and configurable library/gem code.

You will be a good communicator and comfortable working in a remote cross-functional team. This means understanding when to respect peoples time and also being a truthful, open and honest communicator.

We do not have project managers. You will be given the destination but you will be comfortable managing your time and making your own decisions on how to get there.

About Hashbang

We are a small experienced team who work remotely from all around the world, but mainly New Zealand. We are passionate about creating great products for our customers. Our flagship product Tahua, is a grants management platform which is used by some of New Zealand's leading funding agencies.

We have a pragmatic view of the world and like to use our time effectively. This means minimal meetings only when necessary, respecting peoples space to be productive and generally adhereing to a 4-6 week project plan without being overly dogmatic. We do have a strong focus on customer service and try to make sure that we share this across the team to build empathy for our customers but also to gain a shared insight into what our customers want.


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